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Whether you like to walk, to bike, to ride a horse or kayaking... the Arguenon Valley has the right trail for you!
The trail GR 34: the former coastguard footpath (chemin des douaniers) follows the Breton coastline
and will impress you with breathtaking views of the Emerald Coast and its seascapes.
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Long walks (More than 10Km)
"Around the Arguenon tidal" (14,9Km) *
"Around the peninsular of Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer" (16,8Km) *
"Around the Arguenon Lake" (17,8Km) *
"Pléven accross de centuries" (15,4Km)
"The walk of mégaliths"

Average walks (between 5 and 10Km)
"A large tour of Plancoët" (8,6Km) *
"The nature of the sea in St-Jacut-de-la-Mer"
(6,6Km) *
"The sea heritage of St-Jacut-de-la-Mer" (5,7Km)

Short walks (easy, under 5Km)
"Following Chateaubriand" (2,5Km) *
"The Romans in Corseul"
"The heritage of Plélan-Le-Petit" (4,2Km) *
"Saint-Méloir-des-Bois, the heritage of nature" (1,4Km) *
"A family Game "Made in Plancoët "" (2,4Km)

Bike and mountainbike  


Mountainbike Rental
La Payotte d'Angie
Plage des Haas
22750 St-Jacut
06 31 23 70 34

Electric Bike Rental
Garage Amouret
12 Route de Dinard
02 96 87 68 82
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06 14 59 49 17
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Hiking brochures for the 18 villages of the region are available at the tourist office.
A special bike trail along the coast invites you to discover this area.
Whatever your wants and needs, the tourist office will help you choose the right trail.
You want to move with your bike ? Discover the european project 

Bike Tour
" Cycle West with Plancoët and St-Jacut-de-la-Mer"(15,2Km) *
Tour "la littorale" (19,1Km)
Tour "à travers champs" (23,2Km)
Tour "Entre Arguenon et Hunaudaye" (28,3Km)

Mountainbike Tour
"Sur les traces des Romains en VTT" (34,5Km)



Centre équestre
du Clos des Perrières
La Janais
22130 Créhen
06 71 59 45 43

Ecurie de l'étrat
Le Nogatz
06 86 04 08 45

Ecurie du Gallais
St-Cast-le Guildo
02 96 41 04 90 

Sables d'Or équitation
06 09 95 38 89

and :
Académie western in Plancoët
Les grands fossés in Plélan



Our mild climate is suitable for horse riding all year long.
Enjoy our large beaches for a ride.
Maps by Equibreizh will show you the horse-trails through charming villages,
for the countryside, the valleys and much more...