Landmarks along the riverside



Very early in history, the mild climate, the wealth of the ria and the charming countryside
determined human settlement...

Archaeological finds dating back to the Neolithic age can be found along the riverside: motte-and-baileys,
medieval castles and mansions, tide mills, wind and water mills… and lots more interesting sites to discover.

Sites to discover:

The axe necropolis on the Ebihens island
The fallen menhir at the Pointe du Chevet in Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer
The burial mound "allée couverte" in La ville Génouhan, Créhen
The roman collums in Saint-Méloir-des-Bois
The old church in Saint-Lormel
The Guildo castle at the mouth of the tidal in Créhen
The Montafilan castle in Corseul
The Beaulieu lake and old abbey in Languédias
The Guénault motte in Plorec
The bourgheussais motte in Pléven

The Hunaudaye castle in Plédéliac
The medieval manor "des fossés" in Plélan-Le-Petit
The Renaissance Manor "Vaumadeuc" in Pléven
The Ebihens tower in Saint-Jacut-De-La-Mer
The church enclosure in Saint-Maudez
The church enclosure in Trébédan
The religious heritage in Landébia
The old farm "les vallées" in Saint-Michel-de-Plélan
The tide Mill in Bellenraye, Saint-Lormel
The river mill in Pont Loyer, Bourseul
The industrial heritage in Plancoët
The granit quarries in Languédias, La Landec and Plélan-Le-Petit

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