Places of interest :

 Beaches The headland Pointe du Chevet and the Ebihens archipelago Tides and shores 2 bays

" Come and enjoy
our 11 beaches:
as a family, for a
quiet tête-à-tête,
with friends or
just by yourself,
watch a sunrise,
a sunset or even
watch out
for a sunburn!
Places full
of happiness for
you to experience".

The peninsula and its 11 beaches.
11 beaches, 11 different views, 11 possibilities for you to choose at your leisure.
With your feet in the water, watch the boats passing by or build the sand castle of your dreams.
Come and climb on the rocks, have a swim and feel good!
The beaches offer you every possible pleasure.

The headland Pointe du Chevet and the Ebihens archipelago
" Charmed by
the panoramic view
You will respond
to the magnificent
island’s call
And wander along,
Your senses
wide awake".

The Pointe du Chevet is the headland that lies at the tip of the peninsula of Saint-Jacut-de-la-mer.
From its cliff, you can enjoy the breathtaking view onto the Ebihens islands, a protected natural site that has beautiful walks to offer.
(IMPORTANT: you have to check weather conditions and tide information before crossing).
On other islands, you are welcome to visit the Colombière bird reserve with its tern colonies
(no access during nesting period, April to October).

A walk with views

Tides and shores
"High tides
Caress the peninsula.
When the sea retreats,
The shore comes to life."

The shores of the Emerald Coast have the highest tides of Europe.
So come and appreciate the sea’s power and its ever changing scenery.
A great place to collect shellfish and a natural environment to respect.

2 bays
"In the East,
the Beaussais Bay
and its coloured marsh,
A natural site to stroll.
In the West,
the Arguenon Bay,
“the river”,
Its oysters and mussels,
its estuary and mudland."

A very rich ecosystem (special wildlife and flora) with different scenery for every season. The perfect place for nautical sports.

A walk to discover the tidal